Circles meet 1st Tuesday --> September to May (Daffodil Circle meets 1st Wednesday)

3512 East Silver Springs Blvd, PMB 93, Florida 34470

(352) 871-1094

Pioneer Garden Club

Welcome to Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala


Daffodil Circle

Daffodils meet the first Wednesday of the month Aug-May at 6 p.m.



President           - Ruth Dexheimer 

Vice President  - Mary Lou Van Note           

     Programs      - Paula Rayan / Linda Steer  

Secretary           - Midge Barrett 

Treasurer            - Kathy Bruce 

Committee Chairmen

Awards - Gloria Arnold, Midge Barrett, Gayle Gossett

Civic Beautification - Jaqua Ballas, Nancy Livesay

Communication - Jean Conrad

Fairy Tale Festival - Kathy Bruce, Ruth Dexheimer

Fun with Flowers - Nancy Leonard

Seasonal Events (Silver Springs and SpringFest) - Nancy Livesay, Linda Reimer

Horticulture/birds,butterflies, Trees, wildflowers - Holly Yocum

Garden Therapy - Wendy Staley, Marlene Bjork

Historian / Scrapbook - Donna Paget

Publicity /Scholarship - Tricia Evans

Ways and Means - Pam Norfleet, Mary Lou VanNote

Daffodil Circle Programs 2018/2019

September - Committee Reports
                       Notebook inserts
                       Secret Birthday Choosing
                       Finalize annual events

                       Reconnecting after summer break

October - Tour of Fort King historical site 4 p.m. 

November - Fun with Flowers

December - Christmas for Daffodils

January - Living Wreaths

February - Hybrid Day lilies

March - Cooking with Herbs

April - Tour of CCF Vintage Farm

May - Officer installations

           Dinner Celebration


September - Home of Carolyn Grissom
         1. Nancy Leonard
         2. Tricia Evans
October - Home of Fort King Tour 4 p.m.
          1. Donna Paget

           2. Kathy Bruce

 November - Home of Linda Reimer

          1. Nancy Leonard

          2. Nancy Livesay

          3. Mary Lou Van Note

 December - Home of Gayle Gossett

           1. Midge Barrett

           2. Flash Arnold

 January - Home of Pam Norfleet

           1. Jacqua Ballas

           2. Gayle Gossett

 February - Home of TBA

           1. Marlene Bjork

           2. Linda Reimer

 March - Home of Donna Paget

           1. Wendy Staley

           2. Sheri Sanders

 April - Home of Vintage Farm Tour

           1. Paula Ryan

           2. Kathy Bruce

 May - Home of Paula Ryan

           1. Carolyn Grissom

          2. Linda Steer   


Wreaths at sssp Park


Ritz Inn - Poinsettias


Christmas Party



Fun with Flowers - Wendy


Fun with flowers - Cornucopias


fun with flowers