Circles meet 1st Tuesday --> September to May (Daffodil Circle meets 1st Wednesday)

3512 East Silver Springs Blvd, PMB 93, Florida 34470

(352) 871-1094

Pioneer Garden Club

Welcome to Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala


Daffodil Circle

Daffodils meet the first Wednesday of the month Aug-May at 6 p.m.


Officers 2018/2019

President           - Ruth Dexheimer 

Vice President  - Mary Lou Van Note           

     Programs      - Paula Rayan / Linda Steer  

Secretary           - Midge Barrett 

Treasurer            - Kathy Bruce 

Committee Chairmen

Awards - Gloria Arnold, Midge Barrett, Gayle Gossett

Civic Beautification - Jaqua Ballas, Nancy Livesay

Communication - Jean Conrad

Fairy Tale Festival - Kathy Bruce, Ruth Dexheimer

Fun with Flowers - Nancy Leonard

Seasonal Events (Silver Springs and SpringFest) - Nancy Livesay, Linda Reimer

Horticulture/birds,butterflies, Trees, wildflowers - Holly Yocum

Garden Therapy - Wendy Staley, Marlene Bjork

Historian / Scrapbook - Donna Paget

Publicity /Scholarship - Tricia Evans

Ways and Means - Pam Norfleet, Mary Lou VanNote

Daffodil Circle Programs 2018/2019

September - Committee Reports
                       Notebook inserts
                       Secret Birthday Choosing
                       Finalize annual events

                       Reconnecting after summer break

October - Tour of Fort King historical site 4 p.m. 

November - Fun with Flowers

December - Christmas for Daffodils

January - Living Wreaths

February - Hybrid Day lilies

March - Cooking with Herbs

April - Tour of CCF Vintage Farm

May - Officer installations

           Dinner Celebration


September - Home of Carolyn Grissom
         1. Nancy Leonard
         2. Tricia Evans
October - Home of Fort King Tour 4 p.m.
          1. Donna Paget

           2. Kathy Bruce

 November - Home of Linda Reimer

          1. Nancy Leonard

          2. Nancy Livesay

          3. Mary Lou Van Note

 December - Home of Gayle Gossett

           1. Midge Barrett

           2. Flash Arnold

 January - Home of Donna Paget

           1. Jacqua Ballas

           2. Gayle Gossett

 February - Home of Tricia Evans

           1. Marlene Bjork

           2. Linda Reimer

 March - Home of Pam Norfleet

           1. Wendy Staley

           2. Sheri Sanders

 April -  Vintage Farm Tour

           1. Paula Ryan

           2. Kathy Bruce

 May - Home of Linda Steer

           1. Carolyn Grissom

          2. Ruth Dexheimer

The CF Vintage Farm

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around and delight in the beauty of the farm. 

Find out more

March 2019

Cooking with herbs


At Pam's house, we tried some herb inspired recipes.

Cooking with Herbs


Herbs are considered to be the leaves and greener parts of the plant - the seeds, bark, roots, etc. are normally considered a spice. Some plants are both. :) 

Dried or fresh?


  Most herbs can be found dried or fresh and can be used either way with ease. 

Cutting herbs


 To maximize the flavor of your herbs you’ll want to chop them as finely as possible. The finer you chop your herbs, the more oils released and the more fragrant the herb will become. Delicate herbs like parsley and cilantro should be chopped right before use as they will lose their aroma quickly. It’s often recommended to add these more delicate herbs after you’ve taken your dish off the heat or right before serving.

We enjoyed  Egg Salad Tartines with Mixed Herbs 

When to add herbs


 Add herbs into recipes at the very end of cooking to maximize flavor and appearance.

When to add fresh herbs to your cooking depends not only on the herb but also on the sort of flavor you’re trying to achieve. Robust herbs like rosemary, thyme and savory can be used in longer simmering dishes. Gently bruise the leaves with your fingers before dropping them in to release more oils and increase flavor.

We enjoyed:   

Watermelon with Yogurt, Poppy Seeds, and Fried Rosemary

How to plant herbs


 Adding herbs at the beginning of your cooking will create a subtle background note. If at the end you find you want to punch up the    flavor, just add a bit more for reinforcement. Remember, you don’t want any one flavor to stand out too much. 

January 2019

Happy New Year! 2019


Donna made a wreath with lots  of succulents.


Jaqua working on her heart-shaped grapevine wreath.

Gayle works on her heart-shaped moss wreath.

Gayle works on her heart-shaped moss wreath.

A hanging wreath made from an old Christmas cookie tin.

A hanging wreath made from an old Christmas cookie tin.

A beautiful succulent arrangement.

A beautiful succulent arrangement.

December 2018

Wreaths at sssp Park


Ritz Inn - Poinsettias


Christmas Party


November 2018

Fun with Flowers


Wendy Staley, instructed the Daffodils on how to create a cornucopia of Fall flowers. 



Nancy Leonard and Nancy Livesay designing their cornucopias.



A Fall Cornucopia ready for display!



Marlene, ______, and Holly Yokum



Paula Ryan and Linda Steer



Sheri Sanders, Pam Norfleet, and Gayle Gosset

October 2018

Visit to Historical Fort King


The Fort King National Historic Landmark is located in Ocala, Florida  – Marion County. The Fort was originally built in 1827. It  was named for Colonel William King who commanded the Fourth Infantry before Brevet  Brigadier General Duncan L. Clinch.

Fort King was abandoned in July 1836, and burned by the Seminoles. The second Fort King was built in 1837. For most of the Second Seminole War, this site served as military  headquarters.



The park is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset or 7 p.m.  (whichever comes first). The Heritage Center is open Tuesdays – Fridays,  noon to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Sundays and  Mondays. 



 This archaeological work was funded in part by a Historic preservation Grant from the Florida Department of State (2008) .